I have Many Gold Chance

The last sunday is a shocking day for me. I don't know, maybe this is a Gold Occasion.
Suddenly, someone sent a massage to me on the facebook. But, i don't know him. He said that he want to talking about something to me. He knew me from the group of Blogger Madura a.k.a PLAT M on facebook. I think, he just wanna know about blogging from me, like other people on facebook who often ask me to share about the world of Blogging.

but, in the reality i was wrong. He wanna ask me to join in his business. Of course relation with blog. And really , i'm happy. I don't know how to expression my happiness. But, i must thinking my college. Now, I study is number one for me. Moreover, i study in there with schoolarship. So, imposible to approve this job. I believe that this job can disturb my college.
ah, if this job come 3 years again.hehe

so, i'm sorry that i must refuse this gold occasion. And I know that Aphorism said "opportunity does not come to twice". But , i believe that this is my destiny. I believe that my God, Allah have many Gold Chance for me :)

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