Mom, Happy International Women Day

Mother, how are you today?
Here is a note from your daughter.
With me everything is ok.
Mother, how are you today?

Mother.. How are you today?? This is a question that always around in my brain. Now, i'm in another island with her. I can't see about her activity everyday. I can't hear her advices. My mom can't use handphone, so, if i miss her very much. I must sent massage to my brother, and then my mother calling me.

Truly, i'm very miss her now. Maybe my activities can make me forget about my feel..but, just temporary..

Mother.. I don't know, i must say about what.. I really miss her. And now. today. In this moment, I want to express my yearning for my mother. And gratitude that I have a mother like my mother. I am very grateful. It was very thankful. I am very grateful to her. Thank you for everything mom.. Everything..

and thank you so much to make me happy, make me feeling this life.. You are everything mom. Happy International Women Day.. I wish Allah always bless you, always gives health, fortune
and everything for you mom..amin :)

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