Plat-M | This is My New Community

This is my new Community. Plat-M. The community of Blogger Madura.

Why Im join in this community ??

Okey, if you done read my last post about DESA community, you will know that I love blog and I want to join others blogger community. And now. Im in Madura Island. So, Im join in The Plat-M.

And after 4 month in there, and after 2 month Im join in The Plat-M. I get many experience. There are Sharing Keliling with , Kopdar Blogger Nusantara, The anniversary of Plat-M, and len jelen in TRK and Siring Kemuning Beach.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="576"]Ria and Nak Kanak Plat-M in The Siring Kemuning Beach :) Ria and Nak Kanak Plat-M in The Siring Kemuning Beach :)[/caption]


This is the personil of Plat-M ::> The Klebun or the Leader , Mas Slamet , Mas Faza , Mas Raden , Bang Rotua , Mas Darul , Mas Fajar , Mbak Erna , and others .

Frankly, I do not know what to post anything about the Plat-M. Because I was new in here. :)

So, you can know about Plat-M and all the programs of Plat-M in our Website

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