5 Tricks to get Success

Do you want to success??

I think, Everyone wants to success. And when there is tasks to make pamphlets. I and my friend made pamphlets with this theme. And the following contents are,,

5 Tricks to get Success

1. Devide your Spesifik Program

if you want to success you must have a target. And you should not be "plin plan"

2. Devide your intention

You must have the intention. In order not

easily shaken.

Make your Plan

if you want to success, you can make some program or plan. Because plan can to lead your to get success.

4. Try something to get Success.

If you want to get success, you must try something. Do you know!?

" Success is a result of prosess/action. So you can make the prosess fun."

"A different of the person who fail and the person who success is The person who fail think to get something, but The person who success do something to get something.

5. Pray to Allah and Give up to Allah

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