Tugas Bahasa Inggrisku

Tugas Bahasa Inggris kali ini, ada tugas membuat sebuah description tentang hewan.

Ini tugas yang telah kubuat...

Good Morning guys,

All right, my name is Ria. I will tell you about my pet. Do you have pet at home? I have one. Its rabbit. Its the most beautiful rabbit. I call it puci.

You know, my good friend gave it to me as a separation gift. Arai its my good friend. He gave it to me. Well, puci is originally from Sumatra. She is a female rabbit. Emm puci is a funny rabbit with two long ears. She has snow white fur make her look cute. I like played with her. She can jump up and down to take carrot in my hand. She ate carrot greedy. She looks funny at it.

When night arrived, her eyes red colored. You know, when she to give birth to a child, she can 5 until 7 child in once bear. Thanks for your attentions.

pasti masih banyak kekurangannya..

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